Cost Disclosure

Hourly Charge–Out Rates

Whist our fees are charged principally by reference to time spent on a matter by our lawyers, we will be able to provide you with a fee estimate for matters you engage us for. Our current standard hourly charge-out rates are (on a GST exclusive basis):

Partners: $600 - $795
Special Counsel: $500 - $600
Senior Associates: $500 - $600
Associates: $400 - $500
Consultants: $295 - $500
Solicitors: $300 - $400
Law Graduates: $200 - $295
Paralegals: $100 - $150

We understand the current market and the need to deliver commercial outcomes for our clients in a cost effective manner. We believe service, quality and value for money are paramount and we aim to provide these outcomes in a pragmatic and efficient way.

The standard hourly rates and the terms of our Client/Lawyer Agreement are reviewed periodically and may be adjusted from time to time.